Window Sign Holder "Gecko Pocket"

Window Sign Holder Gecko Pocket

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This double-sided window/glass sign holder clings to glass without adhesive.
The glass mounted "Gecko Pocket" is great to display store hours or specials to customers right on the store window or door.
As it clings right to the glass without adhesive it can be used on sliding glass doors which is not possible with acrylic window sign holders that use suction cups.

The double-sided window sign holder is often used by car dealerships, banks, churches and of course many stores. Restaurants and food stores use this Window Sign Holder often in buffets and salad bars because this glass mount sign holder is a food safe display.
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  • For poster size: 8-1/2" x 11"
  • To apply the pocket, simply rub it against the glass
  • Lifts off easily without leaving any residue
  • Can be used again and again
  • This item can be used in many places: store windows, car windows, refrigerators, etc
  • Heat resistant to 230ºF