Retail Shopping Baskets

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VKF Renzel's sturdy hand-held plastic shopping baskets are stronger than other retail shopping baskets available on the market. These plastic shopping baskets will hold more merchandise and won't break easily which reduces replacement costs. And our retail shopping baskets can be printed, prominently featuring your logo, brand or store name.

VKF Renzel offers 2 different shopping basket sizes, the Standard Shopping Basket that holds 5.25 gallons and the Large Shopping Basket which holds 7.40 gallons. Each basket has 2 durable black plastic handles and both can be stacked easily and feature logo panels on all 4 sides.

Either size shopping basket is available in black, green, red and blue and they are made of polypropylene.

In conjunction with our plastic baskets we offer a shopping basket stand / stacker cart to prevent the baskets from getting damaged. The plastic shopping baskets will be elevated from the ground and cannot be "kicked around" anymore.
The cart comes standard with four wheels (two with brakes) and can be used where retail shopping baskets are stored temporarily or when transporting baskets from one location to another. This cart is the perfect solution for transporting shopping baskets from the checkout to the entrance area.

Order the shopping basket stand without any wheels for fixed shopping basket locations like the entrance area or throughout your store.

Each shopping basket stacker set includes 12 Standard or Large plastic Shopping Baskets, the stacker unit and wheels (cart only).

But there is more. VKF Renzel developed the stacking display "Apilar" so that each shopping basket can be used as a product dispenser.

Our stacking display "Apilar" is the ideal way to add sales space to your retail store. Cover up ugly columns, utilize tight unused areas, or use this inexpensive display instead of high priced shelving units. You can stack up to 4 plastic shopping baskets onto the cart which is equipped with 4 wheels (2 with brakes). Ships unassembled and flat to you and assembles in minutes.

Once the different sections are installed you can insert each shopping basket from the bottom to the top. Display includes cart, shopping basket holder and baskets.

The "Apilar" is available as Jumbo "Apilar" which features our Jumbo retail shopping basket or the standard "Apilar" which is sold with our standard sized shopping basket.