LED Poster Snap Frames

LED Snap Frame - 8-1/2″x11″
(EU-LED 230 8-1/2″X11″)
as low as $ 93.99
LED Snap Frame - 11
as low as $ 135.99
LED Snap Frame - 22
as low as $ 310.25
LED Snap Frame - 24
as low as $ 412.50
VKF Renzel's LED Snap Frame is equivalent to the well-known Poster Snap Frame. These LED frames include a 1" wide snap profile and mitered corners. They are manufactured using high-quality silver anodized aluminum and are front-loading, making sign exchange quick and easy. Going above and beyond the standard Poster Snap Frame, the LED light frame has a great advantage - it lights up your message so it can be seen all hours of the day and night.

The LED surface of these LED lightboxes is opal acrylic and is designed so light is consistently spread throughout the LED frame and essentially through your signage. This unique NEW LED lightbox will not flicker and will definitely get the attention of that potential business that may have previously just walked right past. This LED display is only 3/4" thick and included an anti-reflective PET protective cover, an easy-to-access but well hidden power switch, and a power supply with a 78" long electric cable making it easy to reach an outlet nearby.