Retail Sign Frames

VKF Renzel's Sign Frames “ComboFrame” is the most economical way of displaying signs and advertising in convenience or retail stores. The “ComboFrame” is available in several popular sizes and 3 standard colors. They are made of shatterproof ABS plastic, meaning they are virtually unbreakable and unlike common metal sign frames they will not rust, making them the only display to be used in food related sections of the store. All “ComboFrames” have an insertion slot on the side for easy display of signage materials up to 3/32” thick, including thin paper, card stock and both rigid and flexible plastics.
Quite possibly the best advantage of the “ComboFrame” line is the available Mounting Accessories. These sign frames can be mounted to walls and displays, hung from the ceiling or windows, attached to poles, wires and glass or any magnetic surface, used as counter-top displays or make a very inexpensive freestanding poster stand. The mounting accessories are specifically designed to fit any “ComboFrame” and can easily be removed, so the sign frame can be re-purposed and displayed somewhere else.
Special non-glare PVC protectors will keep the poster or sign free from dust and dirt and also ensures that the sign stays in place and won't push through as you can see too often when thin paper inserts are used. Chalk Board inserts are a great way to display fast changing menus or pricing.