Sandwich Board / Folding Sidewalk Sign

Economy Chalkboard
(ST-USA 700)
as low as $ 78.00
as low as $ 109.32
A-Frame Sign - 24
(ST-USA 682)
as low as $ 186.60
A-Frame Sign - 36
(ST-USA 683)
as low as $ 250.80
A-Board - 24
(ST-USA 525)
as low as $ 110.50
Mini A-Board - 8.5
(ST-USA 661)
as low as $ 57.48
Header A Board
as low as $ 346.80
A Sandwich Board is the perfect way to display your retail signage outdoors in front of your store to attract customers to come inside. A boards, often called A Frame, Folding Sidewalk Sign Frame, Outdoor Sidewalk Sign, Curb Sign, Sandwich Board, A Stand or Pavement Sign are made of an aluminum frame which is weatherproof and does not rust. Our outdoor A Boards are also very light and fold flat when not in use anymore or if you have to move it inside by the end of the day.

Each A frame comes with double-sided Snap Frames. These Snap Frames can be opened easily and changing your posters in done in seconds. Every Snap Frame also has a protective cover which is made from PVC. It will avoid for your poster to become dirty and holds away most parts of the rain and moisture but this does not waterproof the A board.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for custom size outdoor folding sidewalk sign A boards. We have the capability to manufacture custom folding sidewalk signs in house. Just send us the desired poster size and we will manufacture your custom outdoor folding Sidewalk Sign Frame within 3 working days.

Our folding sidewalk sign A Boards are available with 2 different Snap Frame corner pieces. We offer the Snap Frames with our standard round corners which are chrome plated or we can manufacture them with mitered corners. It's your choice, call Toll free at 866-736-9351 for your folding A frame display today.

You might also be interested in our Poster Snap Frames that can be wall mounted or manufactured double-sided to suspend your signage from the ceiling in an appealing way. If you cannot find your size remember that we manufacture custom sizes in house.

Get your outdoor folding Sidewalk A Frame today.