Clear Sign Holders

Clear sign holders include waterproof poster pockets and Gecko Pockets.


Everyone is trying to save money in this economy. Replacing acrylic sign holders with a PVC or PETG option is a great way to start. We have the capability to cut PVC, PETG and a variety of similar materials in house and machinery that use heat to bend this flat material into a wide array of shapes and designs. Table top signage, “U” shaped pockets, menu card holders, sign holders, etc.

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Sign Holders that are clear and transparent allow your customers to see clearly. Waterproof Poster Pockets protect your signs from water.

Unlike acrylic or plexiglass, PVC is a very durable and economical option and is available in various thicknesses, textures and colors. The thinner the PVC the more flexible it becomes – allowing us to produce displays to fit your every need.

PVC can easily be printed on using specialized printing equipment. Feel free to give us a printed sign and we are happy to bend it to your specifications for testing. We often provide prototypes which are approved before beginning the bending project.